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"By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before." - Edwin Elliot

This quote simply describes Nicole Lewis and the wonderful way she makes a bride feel leading up to and on the day of their wedding. Every question I had for her she greeted with the warmest helping direction. She made many things quite simple leading up to the wedding day; I cannot describe each incident in enough detail to boast the positiveness she will bring to your wedding planning experience. Then there's the big day! I was so relaxed knowing Nicole was leading the way. I knew everything was in the best of hands and I could enjoy the morning with my closest friends and family. The original venue coordinator I had partnered with leading up to the event was not onsite and we were not notified of that until the evening before. Their stand in did fine but any challenges that arose were taken on by Nicole and quickly corrected. I heard many compliments from guests at our wedding; the meals, the weather, the venue, the decorations (which all had input from Nicole). Most importantly I heard from every one in my party that they wish they could've had Nicole for their day or want her for their day in the future. She truly brings something wonderful into the world that was not there before - and even better it is surrounding one of the most important days of your life.

Kristal & Shane | September 2016

Nicole is the BEST!! She was our day-of coordinator for our DIY farm wedding. She was so organized and great to work with. All of my friends and family keep talking about how awesome she was. When I was first planning my wedding, I thought I didn't need a coordinator, and that I could do it all myself, but I was so wrong and am so glad I found Nicole. I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to do it without her and her assistant. I was able to enjoy my day while they ran around taking care of EVERYTHING, and knew what was going on at every moment and how to handle every situation. I can look back at my wedding day and remember being so happy and stress free and that is a rare thing to come by for a bride, she was worth every penny and more!!

Lisa & Greg | September 2016

​I cannot say enough good things about Nicole! We were initially not going to book a day-of wedding coordinator as we have family who was more than willing to help out but I am so thankful we did. It was the one of the best decisions we made. Nicole is so organized and thinks of all of the small details that I would never have thought of. She set up the most beautiful candy bar and dessert bar for my husband and I. All I did was provide her with an inspirational photo and she made it look so beautiful. My mom was so impressed by Nicole's ability to keep everyone on time and I know this allowed her to enjoy the day, which means so much to me. Not to mention she made cleanup a breeze at the end of the night so my family could get home at the end of a long day.

Colleen & Jared | October 2016

Nicole and her assistant were amazing! I needed the reassurance that someone was going to be there for me to help take control of those situations that I did not want to take care of on my wedding day and they did just that. I felt so comfortable with Nicole when I met her that I couldn't resist hiring her. I was so happy that I did! When my husband and I met with her to talk about her services, I knew this was going to go just as I wanted it to. She assured me that she would help me along the way to ensure things go smoothly. I invited her to stay for dinner and return to the hotel with us after as I wanted her to be every part of my wedding...that is how much I loved her! She checked in on my MANY times during the rehearsal and the day of. She was someone I was happy to see around my wedding. She set up the wedding perfectly...she helped with decorations and I could tell she was not afraid to ask and take lead of where things needed to go in case I forgot to write a note. I trusted my whole wedding with her and I am forever grateful for her amazing talents that shined through in my wedding. My entire family was pleased with how well she did and my mother was most pleased as she too needed to know that I had someone to take care of things. My cousins wished she could've been part of our family and I too felt like she was part of the family that night! I highly recommend Nicole as a wedding planner and you will be totally happy that you chose her. She is personable, kind, caring, takes control when she needs to, steps back if others are in control, and just knows what to do. I love her! :)

Tiana & Chris | October 2016

Nicole was amazing!!! She went above and beyond to make my wedding special and memorable. I highly would recommend her to anyone who is getting married!!! She is the best!!!

Michelle & Michael | June 2016

Nicole and her mom were lifesavers on our big day! Nicole took the time to find out exactly the vision we wanted and gave us the most incredible and stress free day! She made us feel comfortable and confident from the beginning that our wedding would go off without a hitch. She took care of all the details the day of so we and our parents could feel like guests and enjoy the day. Nicole is the reason I tell everyone preparing to get married to invest in a planner! Best experience ever!

Jessica & Erik | August 2015

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